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Moving and cleaning Stockholm

One of the most stressful and annoying things can be the hassle of getting your house really clean and ready for the new owner or tenants to move in.

If you’re renting, it’s common for rental agents to withhold a considerable part of your deposit for cleaning expenses unless the house is spotless from top to bottom.
And if you’re the owner, the last thing you want is for the new owner to be presented with dust or dirt on their first day.

Or are you concerned about moving into a new house and it not being up to your standards of cleanliness?
Especially if the previous owner has been an elderly person with restricted mobility, this may be a serious problem.

Arrange cleaning and moving with us

Arranging cleaning and moving service together in Sweden can be the easiest, least hassle way round this problem!

At Cleaning & Moving Sweden – We’re dedicated to helping our customers move into their home in a way that’s affordable and hassle-free.
When you hire our team, we'll move your items safely and efficiently.
Moreover, we’ll ensure your home or business looks great and cleaned when you hire our professional team.


Moving & Cleaning
in Göteborg




Moving and cleaning Göteborg

We understand that moving is a colossal and overwhelming task, so you can entrust all your cleaning needs to us.

With Cleaning & Moving Sweden, we handle everything from oven and kitchen cleaning to carpet steaming so that you only have to rely on one company.
We can provide one stop solution from moving to cleaning.
We use the very best in cleaning equipment and chemicals and have been successfully servicing the Sweden area for more than ten years.

When you employ Cleaning & Moving Sweden, we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with our services.
We can even offer to clean your new home before you move in.
Also we can provide you with one-off services, or ongoing cleaning for your home or office.

Moving Services in Sweden

If you are shifting from a commercial or residential property, why not give us a call?
With our exquisite cleaning solutions, we can guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our results.
When you’re moving to a new home, our company is the one to call.

We're your local home, condominium and apartment moving company.
We offer a full line of moving and packing services, customized to fit your moving needs.
Whether you have a few large items or lots of little items, a big place or a small place, we're the professional company you can trust.

Before we begin, we need a description of the items that you will want moved.
On the day of your move, we’ll send members of our team to move your furniture and disassemble items.
We take all safety precautions to make sure that your belongings are packed right.
We’ll even reassemble your items once they reach your destination.


Moving & Cleaning
in Göteborg




Moving & Cleaning
in Malmö



Moving and cleaning Malmö

On Moving Day:
Complete all packing prior to your crew's arrival.
They will not pack your items unless arrangements had already been made with the company.
Reserve all elevators, loading docks or parking areas for adequate time periods.

Be on hand to answer questions and direct the placement of furniture items.
A floor plan taped to the door indicating where boxes and pieces should be placed will greatly facilitate the unloading.

You can keep calm when you use us

Above all, take a deep breath and try to remain calm at one of the most stressful times of your life!
We'll do our best to make the move go as smoothly as possible.

Cleaning & Moving Sweden is focused on customer satisfaction and providing high-quality service.
We will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.
Moreover, we understand that allowing us into your home is a big decision.

All of our employees are screened, and trained to give you a peace of mind.
A full back ground check is completed on all personnel.
We strive to maintain the highest quality employees in the industry.