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Cleaning in Göteborg is a professional full service cleaning company offering services to residential and commercial clients located in the area.
We are a dependable cleaning service company that is committed to excellence – Your satisfaction is our success.

We have vast experience and all our employees are thoroughly screened to ensure honesty and maintain the highest level of professionalism.
We offer daily, weekly, bi weekly and monthly cleaning services with no commitments or contracts – We make life easy for you.

Cleaning in Göteborg has been cleaning for businesses and residents for several years. Below are some of our popular cleaning domains, such as:

Home Cleaning

To keep constant immaculate home environment we offer affordable domestic cleaning in Göteborg, on one-off, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Whether you are a busy worker, or you prefer a professional service, rest assured we are the right choice for your cleaning needs.
Using our professional domestic cleaning service means that you will have your home clean from top-to-bottom.

Move out Cleaning

Worried about getting your deposit back?
With an extensive experience behind us, we offer a comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning service in Göteborg that covers every part of your property.

Book move in / out cleaning with our expert team – your property will be professionally cleaned without you having to engage with the hard cleaning work!


Home Cleaning
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Moving Service Göteborg

Window Cleaning

If you just give your windows a casual wipe once in a while, you could be courting disaster. Unless the windows are cleaned thoroughly, they could attract plenty of dirt and debris which could get etched into the glass and will henceforth be extremely difficult to remove.

Removal of etched-in debris could cause scratches or even breakages.
By hiring the services of professional window cleaners in Göteborg you mitigate against this unfortunate scenario.
Regular professional cleaning will ensure that your windows remain forever clean.

Don´t clean the windows yourself

While you could clean the windows yourself, the level of service offered by professional window cleaners is certainly beyond the ability of the average homeowner.
If your home has high and hard-to-reach windows, you might require special tools to get the windows properly cleaned.

We will arrive at your home with the necessary ladders, squeegees, special trucks and high pressure pumps to ensure that even the hardest to reach windows are cleaned and also to ensure that the most stubborn type of dirt or debris is removed.

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Office Cleaning

We are a leading office cleaning company in Göteborg, providing top-rate office cleaning services to businesses and corporations.
Our professional, well-trained staff of over 100 cleaning servicemen and women deliver expert, reliable service with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Whether you require daily, weekly or monthly cleaning, we can easily customize a schedule that works best for you and interferes as little as possible with business activity.

Stairs Cleaning

While many homeowners take great pains to obtain the most aesthetically appealing building stairs at the time of home construction, not many take the measures they need to ensure that those stairs are kept clean and safe.

Dirty or improperly cleaned stairs also make the home look unkempt and this certainly diminishes the quality of the home in the eyes of the residents and visitors.
By hiring professionals to clean your stairs, you’ll not only help improve the quality of life in your home but also ensure that your stairs have a great life span.

All you have to do is call us when you need us

We offer a huge range of services for homes, offices, parties, events and move in move out cleaning, and much more.
Moreover, our services are affordable and our services are quality and professional.
100% customer satisfaction. We will beat any previously quoted price, Yes any!