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FAQ about Window Cleaning Sweden

  1. Does window cleaning services include interior & exterior both?

Yes! We, professional window cleaners Sweden can clean both, whichever you prefer.
Moreover, our trained professionals know how to complete their job safely.

  1. Are your cleaning product safe?

Yes! All our cleaning products 100% safe and environmentally friendly.
Moreover, you can discuss or talk to our representative for further clarification.

  1. Do you offer cleaning in any weather?

Yes! We’re an all year round service provider because our competent staff able to clean even in snowy, rainy, foggy, or any other weather.
So, it’s our year round service that lets us retain our qualified technicians so that we can keep the quality of your cleanings consistent.

  1. Do I need to remove grids or curtains?

Well, you don’t need to – Because our technicians will take care that for you.
Typically, our customer-friendly staff prefer to help out and work around almost everything in the house.