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Window cleaning Stockholm

Looked at your window frames lately?
Chances are they’re filthy – Overtime your windows develop a film that decreases light and reduces the properties of your windows.
Dust, bugs, and debris build up and should be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning your windows can keep your home clean, bright and just makes you feel better!
But window cleaning is not just difficult, its a bit risky too as compared to the maintenance of the other home décor.
Therefore, it is best left to the professional’s window cleaners in Stockholm.

Quality window cleaning in Stockholm

There are many window-cleaning services that give you good, economic and quality window cleaning services in Stockholm.
Most window cleaners hurry too fast to pay attention to the details, leaving your window frames covered by the dirt that was on your windows.

Ironically, attention to detail is what window cleaning is all about.
Our Window Cleaning Stockholm is different – We understand that window cleaning is not about moving dirt from one place to another – it’s about making your home or business look great.


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Window cleaning Göteborg

We understand how much you value your home, after all, we’re homeowners ourselves.

We won’t let just anybody come in our home to fix the dishwasher or repair a leaky faucet.
You shouldn’t let just anybody come into your home to clean your windows.

Window Cleaning Sweden employees wear shoe covers, use bucket protectors, and lay heavy-duty drop cloths while cleaning your home’s interior windows.
We also use special ladders that let us clean upper-level windows without damaging your home’s exterior.

Maybe this level of service is over-the-top, but it’s what we would expect from a window cleaning company if they came to our house.
We figure that you expect the same.

Commercial window cleaning

Your building is the first thing people see when they visit your business.
Dirty windows are obvious to everyone - regardless of whether you’re in a single-level retail store or a 40-story office tower.

Window Cleaning Sweden offers a variety of scheduled maintenance services to keep your windows looking great.
Best of all, we give you free, unlimited touch-up service on most scheduled maintenance contracts! Be sure to ask for details.


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Window cleaning Malmö

With years’ of experience in the window cleaning industry.
Our founder know exactly what it takes to do any commercial job, regardless of size.
We also know that window cleaning isn’t everything.
We’re committed to providing convenient, hassle-free service because we know that your time is valuable.

We are fully insured, licensed, and we use the safest, most advanced window cleaning products on the market.

Key Benefits of Our Window Cleaning Service

  • Keeping your building looking great by offering free, unlimited touch-up service for most scheduled maintenance service contracts.
  • Giving you what you pay for by doing the job right and not cutting corners.
  • Assuring top-quality work by sending one of our owners out on every job.

  • Upholding your property's image by sending clean, polite, uniformed employees to the job site.
  • Making working with us convenient by providing dependable, timely service.
  • Protecting your buildings visitors and tenants by clearly marking all work areas with warning signs.
  • Guaranteeing your complete satisfaction before leaving the job site.

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