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Moving in Stockholm

One of the most painful experiences is leaving your old home and moving to another one located in a different location.
This is a huge emotional issue as well as a tiresome one what with the hassles involved in shifting and the expenses.

The most tiresome part is hauling all household items to the new home without incurring much damage to them.
This is bound to happen if you decide to the move your home yourself since you don’t have the knowhow.

We are the right choice when its time to move

There are many moving companies that offer their services just for this purpose and you have the option of choosing one of them to do the job.
But you may think that hiring the services of a professional moving company could make a hole in your purse.

Yes, it might.
But companies such as Moving Service Stockholm could be your answer for transporting your household to another location.

Most people would much rather have a tooth pulled than move.
There are several moving companies in Stockholm who swear they are the best but ending up with worst moving experience.
Here at moving in Stockholm we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

We establish easily assessable goals for the customer and ourselves to ensure that your move is cost efficient, your safety secured, and that your belongings are loaded and unloaded safely.


Moving & Cleaning
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Moving in Göteborg

Do not classify us as your average moving company.
We are easily identified as your next- door neighbor or the friend down the street.
You will feel extremely comfortable from start to finish with our reputable and knowledgeable consultants to our trained and experienced haulers who will make all your worries obsolete.

The 2nd most important thing in moving is your valuation, the 1st being security.
We (as a movers) has just the right thing to make you feel safe.
So, because your satisfaction is always our top priority, we'll go the extra mile to execute your move without a hitch.

We offer:

  • Trucks with the proper equipment
  • Help from efficient moving crews
  • Flexible appointment availability
  • Quick response times

Our moving crews in Göteborg are fully licensed and insured, and they'll bend over backwards to protect your possessions.
Despite their muscular physiques, our movers have the gentle touch needed to load and unload your valuables carefully.

Lending credence to the old adage about the best things in life being free, we offer free up-front moving and storage estimates, free consultations, and free boxes.


Moving & Cleaning
in Göteborg




Moving & Cleaning
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Moving in Malmö

Total Satisfaction

You'll be able to trust Moving Service to complete the Moving Services job at a very affordable rate in a timely fashion.
You'll want to deal with a service that you're able to believe in, and the organization is Moving Service Malmö.

When you want your Moving Services in Malmö project carried out correctly without a problem, we've got the expertise and knowledge to get it done the right way.
We aren't finished until you are content with the project.

Contact us Right Now!

You're able to communicate with Moving Service to commence organizing your Moving Services venture.
When you've got concerns or need more information and facts, our qualified customer service staff is able to help you.

We'll set a meeting with a Moving Services professional to review your project goals.
We can assess your expectations, identify any sort of difficulties which might occur, and discuss each of the details of your job.

We'll make sure that the business or home is completely ready for the task, set up an approach that will satisfy your requirements, and then put that plan into motion with speed and complete professionalism.